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Control Instrumentation

eDART DVC or Dual Valve Controller developed specifically for eDART Slurry valves to prevent one valve controlling near the seat and causing excessive wear


Dual Valve Controller

DVC - The eDart Dual Valve Controller (DVC) is used to control two valves which act in parallel with a single 4-20mA signal from the control room. Typically, this could be two parallel internal dart valves or the external Dual eDART.

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 eDART Slurry Valve Company offers the Power Genex Smart Positioner Edart Positioners

eDart Positioner have been carefully chosen to give the best performance and designed to specific specifications important in the operation of a slurry valve.


Volume Booster often used in speeding up the operation of a critical slurry control valve Volume Booster
Volume Booster


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